Aikiou – Stimulo Activity Food Center

13 Apr

We have carried Stimulo in our store for some time, and I don’t feel it gets enough “press”. There are so many treat dispensing toys for dogs, but us kitties, we get bored too!!

The Stimulo has a fairly sturdy base on it, and comes with different sized treat tubes that can be swapped out to make the toy easier or harder (harder being the longer tubes).

Soooo many indoor cats are under-stimulated, and overweight. Feeding them in their activity center makes them work for their food and feeds their “hunting” instinct. Free feeding (leaving food out all day) has so many negatives – using the Stimulo twice a day for meals is an excellent alternative to free feeding! The neatest thing is those tubes all have measurements inside them so you know how much food you are feeding! This product is also a “Made in Canada” product.

Wally and Stuey are raw fed, so we use the Stimulo for treats. Today, we used those yummy Holistic Blend Chicken Passion Treats from our previous blog! Stuey comes over to investigate!

Stuey isn’t as “clever” as Wally, so he takes a few minutes to get into it. Wally knows what to do right away!

Stuey sits back and lets Wally play. Wally goes right for the deepest tubes to get his goodies!

HOW MANY MEOWS? The Stimulo Activity Food Center receives 4/5 Meows! My only complaint is that when feeding treats in the center, they empty the tubes out quickly and the fun is over soon. However, if my cats were fed dry food, I really believe this would be a longer lasting, very fun and healthy way to feed them!

If you visit our Copperfield location, you will find them hiding in the toy section!

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